Sky Sports – Free Broadband

CHALLENGE How do we persuade every single Sky Sports customer to take up the offer of free broadband? SOLUTION Free broadband is not just brilliant news for customers, it is also proof that Sky Sports genuinely believe in better. To celebrate this, we asked David Beckham to judge several ideas to make Sky Sports better. […]

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Sky+ – Smart Series Link

CHALLENGE Sky+ is widely acknowledged as the best personal video recorder on the market, so how do we communicate that the best just got better with a new Smart Series Link feature? SOLUTION Using TV royalty Idris Elba, we showed that no matter how many reminders you set you can still forget the start of your favourite […]

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Sky Sports – Start of Season

CHALLENGE With no ‘new news’ to shout about, we needed to excite people about the new Premier League season, drive upgrades, and remind people that no other broadcaster has more live goals. SOLUTION By focusing the cameras away from football and onto the fans, we highlighted the roller coaster of emotions you experience when supporting your team throughout the […]

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Sky Sports – F1 Channel Launch

CHALLENGE Prove to an audience not keen on paying for sport that Sky’s first ever F1 channel will be about more than just the race. SOLUTION By focusing on content, the campaign demonstrated Sky’s better access, better coverage, and insider view, whilst interactive media deepened engagement and drove subscriptions. TV CASE STUDY PRINT SOCIAL DIGITAL PRESS

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Virgin Media – TiVo

CHALLENGE Demonstrate to current and potential Virgin Media customers how the new TiVo box is revolutionising the way we consume TV. SOLUTION Using actor Marc Warren, we created a series of benefit-led executions that demonstrated exactly why TiVo is the best way to watch TV ever. We then asked consumers whether they agreed, by allowing people to vote via […]

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Virgin Media – Last Chance Live

CHALLENGE Leverage Virgin Media’s sponsorship of V-Fest in a way that showcases the unique Virgin brand. SOLUTION We created the UK’s first ever live-to-air competition, ‘Last Chance Live’, to give away tickets to the sold out V-Fest the night before the festival began. With Keith Lemon as our host, participants had to guess the song our dancers were performing to […]

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Sellotape – On-Hand Dispenser

CHALLENGE After a four-way pitch, we were tasked by Sellotape to develop a Christmas campaign across TV and print, launching their “On-Hand Dispenser”. SOLUTION Wrapping presents is all part of the anticipation and build-up to Christmas Day. We wanted to show how Sellotape helps to make the experience an entirely pleasurable one. The new “On-Hand […]

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